Aep Tai

Aep Tai
A Thai term for “sneak” filming.

Bangkok’s Daily Xpress recently reported on four “new dangers” of the internet in Thailand, based on research by The Mirror Foundation’s IT-Watch Centre:

The first is peeking-tom clips, which made the headlines last year with cases like the blackmail video of a gang rape of a [12-13-year-old] schoolgirl. The phrase aep tai (sneak filming) was used in 4 million searches per month last year, the centre said, adding that aep taiforums got an average of 100,000 hits per month.
The three other dangers were, internet chatrooms (“which have been used by adults to lure young girls into sex, or to rob them”); social networking sites (“there is evidence that the site is being used by people to groom youngsters for sex”) and addiction to computer games (“with 23,000 gaming cyber-cafes registered, Thailand has been named second after Japan as Asia’s most game-addicted country”).

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